Maha Shivaratri Worship Method and Fast Story in English (Page 1/6)

Maha Shivaratri fast do on that day of Phalgun wanning moon when Fourteenth day falls on the midnight. . It falls on 13th February (Tuesday), 2018. (Note: It is also celebrated on 14th February, 2018 in some citie as per Panchaang. Fourtheenth day:- 22:34 on 13th Feb.’2018 to 00:46 AM on 15th Feb’2018) .Those, who have desire of prosperity and salvation, must do Shivaraatri fast. There is not other benificial method for human beings than Shivaraatri. This fast is the best benificiary mode for all groups and four Aashrams, Men, women, child. There is no other benificiary fast for human beings than Shivaraatri. This fast is the best mode of religion for all.

Maha Shivaraatri worship time:-

Night First Prahar Worship Time = 18:05 to 21:20 (13th Feb’2018)
Night Night Second Prahar Worship Time = 21:20(13th Feb’2018) to 00:35+(14th Feb’2018)
Night Third Prahar Worshipv Time = 00:35+ to 03:49+(14th Feb’2018)
Night Fourth Prahar Worship Time = 03:49+ to 07:04+(14th Feb’2018)
Maha Shivaratri Parana Time = 07:04 to 15:20(14th Feb’2018)

Worship Material

1. Water
2. Ganga water
3. Cow’s milk (raw/unboiled)
4. Curd
5.Flower (Lotus, Oleander, Datura, Shankh pushp)
6. Garland
7. Wood apple’s leaves
8. Honey
9. Loaf Sugar
10. Ghee
12. Cotton lint
13. Plate
14. Cloth
15. Yagyopaveet / Sacred thread
16. Areca nut
17. Cardamon
18. Cloves
19. Betel leaves with stem
20. White sandalwood
21. Dhoop
22. Deep/Lamp
23. Datura
24. Hemp
25. Pot for water(Lota)
26. Spoon
27. (Sweets/Food (different sweets / food for different prahar - pious, Pua (pudding made up with maida and sugar syrup, Urad (phaseus radiata) , green gram, seven paddy)v 28. Fruits (Wood apple, Coconut, Grapefruit, Pomegranate, Banana)
29. Barley
30. Sesame
31. Areca nut

Devotees should wake up early in the morning, do daily routine, take bath and go to Shiva’s temple. First of all do the worship of Shiva with panchopachaar method. After that bow down towards God and take vow for fast.